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Our Baby is not even one year old and already a winner :) In July Ökotest awarded alviana Baby Body Wash & Shampoo 200ml with the top grade “very good”. Overall, 20 products were tested on critical ingredients such as PEG/PEG derivatives, parabens and microplastics (Ökotest edition 07/2018). Fortunately almost all tested products passed the test with the grade “very good”.

PEG/PEG derivatives are occasionally used by conventional manufacturers e.g. as surfactants. These generate more lather, even though not necessary, because foam does not lead to a better cleaning result. Especially, the skin of the youngest is very sensitive and can be affected by becoming more permeable to foreign substances.


With certified natural cosmetics, ingredients based on mineral oil are incompatible. The natural cosmetics certificates NATRUE and BDIH give a guarantee for silicone-, paraffin- and petroleum-free products. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to these seals when you are buying care products. The high-quality, silicone-free formulation of our alviana Baby Body Wash & Shampoo cleans with mild washing substances and was especially developed for the needs of sensitive baby skin.