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  • Sour can be fun…and beautiful too!

Summer, the time of lightness and ease! There is a cheerful feeling of freedom in everything we do. We can walk around barefoot, while away the time outside, nibble at ice-cold melon and get out our favourite summer clothes. Let your skin really shine with the summer sunshine. All you need is a refreshing exfoliating scrub for the shower. It's very easy to make yourself, simply the perfect summer skincare for your body.

It's that easy:

For a single-use application, mix approx. a third of a cup of alviana Feel Fresh Shower Gel with two tablespoons of Alnatura sea salt and the juice of half a lemon. Apply the scrub to moist skin under the shower and massage it in with circular movements. Then rinse off thoroughly. The result: Your skin feels wonderfully fresh, taut and tender.


For sensitive skin try replacing the salt with the same quantity of Alnatura raw cane sugar – it's more gentle on the skin.

You will need: