Natural cosmetics – what does that mean?

In Europe, there is no clear, legally-defined specification of what "natural cosmetics" means. This indicates that it is not always easy to find out which products really live up to their claim to being natural. In order that products have a quality standard to comply with, however, and to enable us to distinguish natural cosmetics from conventional cosmetics, there are certifications such as the BDIH standard or the NATRUE label which prescribe strict guidelines and require close inspection of the starting materials, raw materials, products and manufacturing processes. For us, the term natural cosmetics comprises much more than just the end product. Rather it stands for a responsible way of dealing with our environment, together with a holistic view of mankind and nature. In certified natural cosmetics, for example, you will not find any silicone, paraffin or petroleum products. A particularly important point for us is that there is no animal testing involved the development of the products.

You can find out more here about the certifications which alviana holds.