• Red lips need to be kissed...

whether it's Valentines Day, International Kissing Day on 6 July or someday in between. There are good reasons for this: Kissing uses up calories, it has been proven to strengthen your immune system, and – at least in those countries where kissing is an established practice – it brings about an increased feeling of well-being in those involved.

For a particularly intense experience, we would recommend that the protagonists of this very pleasant way of passing time free themselves of old baggage every now and then and get prepared for the next big kiss with a nurturing exfoliating scrub.

How to get soft and tender lips:

Mix a levelled-off teaspoonful of Alnatura raw cane sugar with a teaspoonful of Alnatura blossom honey. Moisten your lips and carefully apply the scrub with your index finger using circular movements – then rinse off thoroughly. Finally, apply an alviana lip balm of your choice. As a great finish for fruity and kissable lips, we recommend, for example, our Shiny Red Lip Balm!


Whenever needed and before first dates.

You will need: