• Rosy times for your hair!

Rosy times for your hair! Mankind has always been fascinated by hair – Rapunzel freed herself from her prison with her long hair, Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut off. But it is not only to be seen in fairy tales and myths - in the 1920s, emancipated women cut off their hair, and in the late sixties men let their hair grow long as a sign of protest against the conventions of society. Hair is much more than an attribute of attractiveness, it is an expression of our personality.

That's why you should pay your hair some special attention now and then. Our hair is exposed to a range of stress factors, such as sun, hot air from central heating, blow-dryers, etc. Treat your hair to a home-made hair mask – to bring your hair back into top form.

You can make our hair mask very easily yourself:

Mix 7.5 ml of alviana Moisturising Mask Organic Wild Rose with one teaspoonful of Alnavit Organic Aloe Vera Juice (not from concentrate) and work the homemade mask into the hair, right through to the ends. After allowing 10 minutes for it to work in, rinse out the mask with shampoo.

You will need:

This mask is particularly suitable for brittle, dry and curly hair.