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  • For soft and tender hands overnight!

Your hands are your faithful employees – they always stand by you and emphasise your words with their gestures. Your hands play musical instruments, paint your ideas and type out your thoughts on the keyboard. They are a mirror of your personality and your life, for they reveal a lot about you. They stroke, they applaud, they hold other people's hands to welcome them. Your hands show your feelings, they touch – and this is why they should feel good too.

Stress factors such as dry air from central heating, frequent hand-washing or the cold can rob them of moisture, however, and they can become quite rough. Treat your hands to something special – an intensive overnight nurturing treatment. Like a little wellness holiday.

This is all you need to do:

1. Apply cream to your hands before going to bed with a thick layer of alviana Hand Cream Intensive.

2. Put on a pair of cotton gloves ...

3. ... and enjoy sweet dreams!

Through the warmth, your skin is able to absorb the nurturing substances in the alviana Hand Cream Intensive better. The sumptuous formulation with precious organic argan oil, mango stone butter and organic cocoa butter nurtures and protects overused and dried-out hands.

The result – you wake up the following morning with completely refreshed, silky soft, well cared-for hands.


Once a week, overnight.

You will need: